Salute to Workers Everywhere

Today is Labor Day, a United States holiday formally established by Congress in 1894 to honor workers throughout the nation.  We celebrated today by doing some yard work and then having a delightful family gathering at our son’s home.  We flew the flag and relaxed and generally had a good time.

But we also pause today to salute all the people who work for a living, with their hands, their minds and their hearts, in whatever occupation they are in.  We are grateful to live in a nation that offers such great opportunity to so many. 

My dad likes to say that we stand on the shoulders of giants who have gone before.  I’m grateful for the hard working men and women upon whose shoulders I stand, those great souls who did so much so my family can be where we are today.

Our hearts ache for those who are unemployed at this time.  We have been there.  We know the feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy, the fear of not knowing where the next paycheck will come from, the concern about what tomorrow might bring.  We share our thoughts and prayers with you today, in hope for a brighter future. Tags: ,