Stephanie Nielson: My New Life

Please take a few minutes from your busy life to watch and ponder this touching video where Stephanie Nielson, a young mother who lived across the street from us in Mesa, AZ, tells her own story of courage and faith following a near-fatal airplane crash.


Stephanie continues to recount her “new life” experiences in her widely read blog, NieNie Dialogues. Tags: ,,,

Hope for Freedom in Iran

Iranian PlatterA beautiful hand-made Iranian metal platter hangs on the wall of our home, an inheritance from my deceased grandparents, who lived and worked in Iran as agricultural advisors in the mid 1950’s.  The platter is a treasured reminder of their love for the Iranian people and their hope that these good people would someday live in a free society.

In harmony with their dream, I was inspired today by what I read on the Glossology Twitter feed.

A few Glossology tweets:

The servants of fear & darkness do everything they can to stop you because they know freedom & democracy will wash them away.

IRAN you will lead the way for many other countries to become free. Your courage to be free will give them courage to be free.

IRAN, it is your destiny to become a world leader in democracy. Your country will be a shining beacon of freedom someday.

Iran, when I look into the future I see your children growing up happy and free.

When I look into the future I see Iran becoming a free country & a world leader in modern technology, new medicine & culture.

The cry for freedom is not limited to people in the United States.  It is a universal voice from within the soul, pleading to be unleashed from the bonds of slavery and oppression.

We join our hopes and prayers for you, our Iranian brothers and sisters! Tags: , , ,