Passion for Freedom

I passionately and resolutely love the concept of personal freedom. One key facet of a personal mission statement I penned in the fall of 1995 is “Enhance personal freedom through global electronic communications.” This blog is a an effort to fulfill at least a part of that mission.

I believe that personal freedom is a gift from God, to be treasured, protected and celebrated. Freedom to act for ones self is at the center of the purpose of our purpose in mortal life. The freedom to think, speak, worship, travel and work to support my family is priceless to me.

Living in the United States of America is a wonderful blessing. I believe the constitution of the United States established by our founding fathers under the inspiration of God. Its principles are just as pertinent today as they were over 200 years ago when this document was first written to lay the foundation for our great nation.

I fear that powerful forces in the world more interested in power, fame and personal gain than personal liberty are seeking to take away the freedoms we enjoy. We must be watchful and diligent in defending the freedoms we enjoy.

Mesa, Arizona, USA