Sparklers for the First Time

Happy Independence Day!  We’ve had a busy day with church and family today, so I am just finding time to post a few of my feelings about independence and freedom on this site.  I will share several items that inspired me this Fourth of July, plus perhaps a few few extra thoughts of my own as well.

First on the list is this great photo of my grandson Devlin experiencing the thrill of a sparkler for the first time.  He is vacationing with his family in Utah where such exciting things are still legal.

Thanks to Devlin’s mom for posting this photo on Facebook!


Do you remember the magic and awe that you felt when you were Delvin’s age and celebrated Indepence Day with sparklers?  It was a great tradition for our family when we were growing up in Southern Idaho.

Happy Fourth of July Devlin and all you sparkler-awed kids!