The National Debt Road Trip

Debt beyond one’s ability to pay is a mechanism of slavery and oppression, not freedom.  The huge US national debt, particularly that held by foreign powers, represents a surrender of national freedom and sovereignty to those who hold that debt. The rate at which the US national debt is increasing has gone beyond alarming. This little video provides a new way to look at that extraordinary rate of increase.

3 thoughts on “The National Debt Road Trip

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  2. Very worrying if true.

    As anything in politics I’d have to be a bit skeptical about what is happening. I wonder for example if that puts the $1 trillion for saving the banks on Obama’s or on the Bush side of the presidency.

    What I wonder is: who is lending all that money?


  3. The amount of national debt is undisputed – a matter of public record. The largest carrier of US National Debt is the Republic of China. That fact is perhaps the most troubling of all.

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